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Club Extreme16. The city of active people.
260-80-55 (Russia,Kazan)

Gallery of arts Aquarelle, Russia, Cheboksary

Andrey Chernysh - Ukrainian artist

We make the world more brighter!

Enters into TOP-5 of the Leaders
of the alcoholic market of Russia

The center of city advertizing -
Advertizing on transport.
ph. 260-00-64 (Russia,Kazan)

Sushi delivery - ph. 258-50-98 (Russia,Kazan)

Perhaps, the coziest coffee-house in a city.
ph. 276-92-68 (Russia,Kazan)


Are awarded a Diploma of the winner of competition
The best goods and services of Republic Tatarstan 2009,
a Diploma of the winner of competition Novelty of year
and the silver Diploma of competition
100 best goods of Russia.

The first free weekly journal of news.

Tatmedia branch.
Broadcasting company Kazan.