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Daniel Fay is outstanding russian artist, was born in 104 years after Pablo Picassos birthday, from whom he learnt main principles of attitude to art, exactly: art must joy to people, success to its creator, and finally, in art there is always element of show. These simple principles in mixture with unusual talent allowed him in short time to achieve visible success, gathering on the one picture exhibition more that 900 visitors, including the most famous kazan painters. And in spite on spiteful tongues( and these people even organized such movement against Daniel Fay , which about somebody decided that it was next PR-invention by the artist, but he himself surprised: why such idea didnt appear in my head!?) So, anyway, despite on any negative words and reaction, there were 900 visitors on the 2nd exhibition of young painter and it allowed to say about him like about outstanding artist.

These are main points of his creative and life way:

Daniel Fay was born in 1985, October, 25 in Tashkent. Since his earliest childhood he made his parents to excite, because he didnt speak at all till 3 years age, but he had already began to paint. During his childhood Daniel dreamed of going to art school, and sometimes even envied other children who had such possibility. In 1996, when little artist was 10, his family moved from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to Russia, in small town Volzhsk, where his dream had finally realized. In the end of 1999 Daniel Fay began to paint his first picture with oil. He finished it in 7, February, 2000. This date had retained in Daniels memory forever in 7, February,2000 his father, Rafkat Askhatovich Fayzrakhmanov , who influenced strongly on sons creative development, died.

In May, 2000, Daniel arrived in Tashkent. This year, spending in spirit solitude, became the period of reflections and experiments about ingenious art. When Daniel come back from Tashkent, he brought that manner of art work, which he uses now.

. Bik-Bulatov